3 alternatives to Tinder™

May 02, 2018

The appeal of an app like Tinder™ is obvious, it’s easy to set up an account, the service is mobile based, and as such is always with you and the most obvious advantage is that it allows you to find singles who are in your immediate geographic location.

We live in an age where online dating has become the norm whether for finding a little bit of casual weekend fun or searching for a real relationship with depth. Our expectations for what a dating site should offer have also grown with this emerging technology. Our standards are also higher.

1. Elite Singles

EliteSingles offers users more than a one night stand. The sites main selling point is that it is a meeting place for ambitious and successful young singles looking for a relationship that last longer than a weekend and offers more depth than your average Italian pizza base. Their personality test suggests matches to you based on your psychological compatibility. The site still connects you with like minded singles that have similar interests and values.

2. be2

be2 review

Be2 has a short and easy registration process, so you can get to the exciting part fast. All matches can be reviewed from the comfort of your own pocket, thanks to their newly revamped mobile application. There are for sure less members on this site than others, but that’s not always a bad thing. Have you ever walked into a massive club and felt overwhelmed? Some dating sites can feel a bit like this, and users are often paralyzed by too much choice.

3. Match

Match Screenshot

Give credit, where credit is due. Match was one of the first pioneering dating sites to offer services exclusively to Ireland. It has thousands of members registered online and is considered to be one of the heavyweights of the dating world. Registration is free and you can view every profile including their picture. The site also offers great interactivity with tools like chat and webcam. Match also offers offline events for singles to attend.