3 Fun Ideas for First Dates in Ireland

May 02, 2018

You’ve come as far as sending messages to people you’re interested in based on their profile picture as well as the things you’ve discussed about in your various correspondence.
Now, the time has come where your interest has been piqued enough to want to meet in person. While this can be a slightly nerve-wracking thought, it is essential to bear in mind that online dating serves as a platform to get in touch with other singles living in Ireland in a fast, smooth and efficient manner where you can choose leisurely who you want to chat to and take it from there.

The other step of the process in online dating is to ask that person out. You might find you have similar interests or that you enjoy each other’s writing and messages, however nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Certain things such as intonation and laughter cannot be felt as much as when it is done in person, where you can gauge whether the laugh was a real hearty one, or a mere chuckle. It could even be a forced one for all you know! That is when meeting in person helps break all these walls and allows you to get a sense of that person you’ve been chatting to for a while.

How you go about it is entirely up to you – you can write it casually into one email as a follow up on the fact that you both enjoy good, craft beers and invite him or her to join you to that great pub that makes your favourite. Or it could be in a more formal way where it is a message on its own.

No matter how you ask, the most important part to remember is to keep it fun. First dates are usually filled with apprehension and doing something fun on that first date can be a great way to break the ice.

These are our suggestions for 3 fun ideas for first dates:

1. Find a good pub for a chat

Every city ion Ireland has their favoured watering holes, they are often clustered together in the one place, like Templebar in Dublin for example. The idea with this dating strategy is to create a diverse range of entertaining things you can do. You might start with a walk alongside the river making small talk about life in general and then move on to grab a bite or a cocktail or beer. The abundance of pubs, restaurants, bars that abound will ensure you won’t be short of places to go to. There are even places with live gigs to listen to cool music, thus creating a fun ambience while you get to know each other further.

2. The old school charm of a picnic

Pack a basket with a bag with a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers and a few finger food snacks and set out to enjoy a picnic. This creates the notion of romance and at the same time conveys pure relaxation for you both as you stroll along the gardens and find a spot of shade underneath a tree to sit and have a nice chat over light eating. A great area for that could be the Trinity College with its beautiful gardens and rich, well groomed students.

3. Make memories

Do an activity that takes your mind off how nervous you are. Focus on an activity, whether it be bowling or badminton, it can really take the pressure off you if you are feeling nervous. If you want to get more creative, you could even book dance classes or take part in an afternoon of pottery-making, basically anything that gets you crafty and working together. The memories you will create from this will build a stronger connection between the two of you.

The idea behind these dates is to create fun-filled moments that make you both comfortable in each other’s presence and later on, gives you further things to talk about as you recall the fun day you shared together.