How to find your perfect match: online dating in Ireland

May 02, 2018

We Irish are renowned for our charm, quick wit and great sense of humour. Based on this, online dating for us should be a cinch. Our country however is also known for its days of rain and cold weather that never seem to end.
And so, we tend to hibernate for half the year. During this season of self reflection most of us look for companionship, romance and maybe even love. We can seek these relationships out in one of two ways, organically, through our circle of friends, or we upload a profile to an online dating site.

If you have a great social life in Ireland and a circle of acquaintances that keeps enlarging logarithmically, then it’s only a matter of time before your awesome friends introduce you to their single colleagues or peers. If you are in that boat, fantastic! You might find that you can get by without using a dating site. However, like a lot of other people you might find that being single is not always easy for the simple reason that nowadays everything is so fast and people are so busy that meeting new people is becoming rare, especially in the bigger cities.

Welcome to the joys of technology with online dating. Granted, you might be a little skeptical at the beginning if you have never been on any Irish online dating sites before. At this point though, ask yourself this: Do I want to find a partner? Do I want to experience true love? Do I long for someone to share my life with? Am I single and looking to change this status? If you have answered yes to these questions, you have nothing to lose and actually, a loving partner to gain!

Here are some tips to help you find your perfect match with online dating:

Be confident about who you are

Chances are you are not a supermodel on the covers of glossy magazines nor are you a Nobel Prizewinner, however there is no doubt that you have many qualities, strengths and talents that make you uniquely beautiful and attractive. It might be in the way you crack a joke, or the way you smile, your baking skills, the way you can fix anything in a jiffy. Whatever it is, be confident about your identity because there might be a few people looking for exactly the kind of person you are. Of course, choose the picture that puts you in the best light in your online dating profile and leave out the fact that you sometimes pick your nose!

Be specific about who you are looking for

This is a platform where you get to lay down on the table exactly the kind of person you are looking for, so if religion is important to you, mention it. If you are hoping to find a woman who can cook or a man who likes jazz, list them down. Even though you might have something that is quite unique to you, for instance a peculiar thing you’re looking for in a partner, be bold enough to write it down. You might be surprised to find many people who have this character trait or attribute and had you not mentioned it, you would have missed the chance of meeting someone who fits your ideal.

Be realistic about the type of relationship you want

Some dating sites will ask you to describe the type of relationship you want or the ideal relationship you hope for. This is a great tool where you get to voice out your preferences and hope that someone else is also after what you’re seeking. That said, be realistic about this and a good way to do that is to look at what you can bring into the relationship as well as opposed to what the other person should be doing to make the relationship wonderful.

Be determined to put some efforts

There are dozens, if not hundreds of dating sites to choose from in Ireland and you might find this a bit daunting at first. However, keep your chin up and cultivate determination to go through a few of them, upload your profile picture and register.

Without putting in a little effort, it is unrealistic to expect great results. If you are unsure which dating portal to join, we have made an easy to use guide to help narrow down and focus your choices. Our comparison of Irish dating sites tries to make the choice easier for you and explains the registration process and also makes the prices transparent.

Be patient to see results

After you have done the required things such as registering on an Irish dating site and gone the extra mile to sitting down day after day, night after night, browsing through profiles of potential suitors and taken the time to write beautiful, long emails, be prepared to wait a while. You might be extremely luck and meet your match after a week, but for the most part, it might take longer than that. Do not let yourself be discouraged and keep at it. Keep exchanging messages and learning to get to know some of the people on the dating sites, the more options you allow yourself, the more chances you have in finding the love of your life.